Arnold Marinissen’s works are published by Deuss Music


Métisse for jazz guitar, percussion, piano and any number of ad lib shadow players (2017, 20’)
First performance: Opéra de Rouen, France , November 24th 2017, by Ensemble Variances

Pithos for alto saxophone and vibraphone (2017, 5’)
First performance: Bernard Haitinkzaal, Conservatorium van Amsterdam, June 29th 2017, by Janina Lorenci & Lola Mlacnik

Nuages for piano trio and Smartphone Orchestra (2016, 13’)
First performance: Storioni Festival, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, January 28th 2016, by Storioni Trio and Smartphone Orchestra

Small Silver Hand for ensemble (2016, 3’)
First performance: Cross-Linx Festival, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, February 25th 2016, by Neil Finn, Lunatree a.o.

Ik maak schoon (I clean up) for ensemble (2015, 8’)
First performance: De Flint, Amersfoort, February 6th 2016, by Bach & Bleekwater/Esther Apituley

Totem I & II for marimba (2015, 12’)
First performance by Ramon Lormans, marimba: Totem I @ Percussion Friends/ Splendor Amsterdam, August 18th 2015, Totem I & II @ Stratumseind Klassiek Eindhoven, 17 April 2016

Mestre Claudinei for cello and guitar (2015, 7’)
First performance: concertello / KunstGarten, Graz, Austria July 9th 2015, by Katharina Gross & Luca Lucini

Cello Songbook 2: Nebula for cello and live electronics/small percussion (2015, 30’)
First performance: Music Showroom Festival, Zagreb/Croatia, May 8th 2015, by Katharina Gross & Arnold Marinissen

Draai, Orgel! for barrel organ (2015, 8’)
First performance: Muziekcentrum Enschede, March 8th 2015, by barrel organ, for Oorkaan

All things for voices and instruments (2014-15, 7’)
First performance: After Sunset, Schiermonnikoog, August 29th 2015, by Lunatree

Angle of Attack for two percussionists (2014, 8’)
First performance: Otterlo/The Netherlands, Klankbodem-Paviljoen De Hoge Veluwe, August 4th 2014, by Niek KleinJan & Konstantyn Napolov (percussion), for NJO Muziekzomer

Four Gardens
for vibraphone (2014, 6’)
First performance: Hartberg/Austria, Gartenatelier bellabayer, July 12th 2014, by Arnold Marinissen (vibraphone)

for three percussionists (2014, 8’)
First performance: Taipei/Taiwan, National Recital Hall, June 28th 2014, by Insomnia Percussion Trio, for Ensemble 1002

for saxophone quartet, piano, percussion and a building (2014, 15’)
First performance: Oranjewoud/The Netherlands, Museum Belvédère, May 23rd 2014, by Amstel Quartet (saxophones), Yoram Ish-Hurwitz (piano), Ryoko Imai (percussion), for Festival Oranjewoud

free instrumentation (2014, 6’)
First performance: Haarlem/The Netherlands, Philharmonie Haarlem, May 17th 2014, by Viola Big Band and guests, for Viola Viola Festival

Ariana Nozeman, 18 snapshots
for two sopranos, recorders/duduk and dance (2013, 30’) libretto by Arnold Marinissen, with texts by Ingeborg Bachmann, Isadora Duncan, Juliette Gréco, Jacqueline du Pré, Romy Schneider, Clara Schumann and Mary Wigman
First performance: Amsterdam/The Netherlands, Oude Kerk, November 2nd 2013, by VOCAALLAB: Ana Naqe & Michaela Riener (voices), Raphaela Danksagmueller (recorders and duduk), Johanne Saunier (dance & staging), for Museumnacht

for six percussionists in any combination (2014, 40’)
First performance: The Netherlands/Croatia, between October 5th 2013 and November 9th 2014, by Slagwerk Den Haag (Joey Marijs, Niels Meliefste, Fedor Teunisse, Pepe García Rodríguez & Frank Wienk) and Alexandre Esperet

Bell Garden for two trumpets, trombone and two bell players (2013, 4’)
First performance: Hartberg/Austria, Gartenatelier bellabayer, July 20th 2013, as a soundtrack
First live performance: Amsterdam/The Netherlands, Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, December 17th 2013, by CvA Brass and Percussion (conductor Ivan Meylemans)

Six Gardens
for harp (2013, 16’)
First performance: Hartberg/Austria, Gartenatelier bellabayer, July 20th 2013, as a soundtrack

Eight Songs for Oneglia for soprano, flute, clarinet, percussion, keyboards, violin, cello & soundtrack (2012, 10’)
First performance: Rotterdam/The Netherlands, De Doelen, October 31st 2014, by Lunatree

Acht bloemen for OMNI (electronic instrument of the Klankspeeltuin Amsterdam), two voices (alto and bass) and percussion (2012, 5’)
First performance: Amsterdam/The Netherlands, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, October 12th 2012, by Nederlands Kamerkoor (Karin van der Poel & Gilad Nezer) and Arnold Marinissen (percussion), all three playing the OMNI electronic instrument of the Klankspeeltuin Amsterdam

Three Passacaglias
for three violoncelli (2012, 7’)
First performance: Unna/Germany, Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst, October 6th 2012, by Berthold Frieder, Katharina Gross & Felicitas Stephan (celli), for Cello Festival am Hellweg

Die Macht der Gewohnheit
for two vocal soloists (soprano and bass or baritone), choir and percussion (2011, 14’) text by Thomas Bernhard
First performance: Eindhoven/The Netherlands, Plaza Futura, December 1st 2011, by Asko Kamerkoor (conductor Jos Leussink) and Ryoko Imai (percussion), for Axesjazzpower

for soprano, percussion, el. guitar, keyboard (Fender Rhodes), violin & violoncello (2011, 13’)
First performance: Amsterdam/The Netherlands, Paradiso, September 9th 2011, by Lunapark, for the Night of the Unexpected

12x Monts Mandara
for four voices (two sopranos and two altos), ensemble, four pianos (2011, 30’)
First performance: Amsterdam/The Netherlands, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, March 30th-April 3rd 2011, by Asko Schoenberg, Ives Ensemble, Lunapark, and Toon Bierman, Gerard Bouwhuis, Ivo Janssen & Reinbert de Leeuw (pianos), for the World Minimal Music Festival

The Cello Songbook
for a cello player (amplified and looped cello & voice) and soundtrack (2011-14, 50’)
First performance: Utrecht/The Netherlands, Vredenburg, February 17th 2011, by Katharina Gross (cello and voice), with new songs premiered since then

Tanz mit der Welt
for soprano and record player (2011, 7’) text by Bernhard Pörksen/Heinz von Foerster
First performance: The Hague/The Netherlands, Zeebelt Theater, January 11th 2012, by Anat Spiegel (voice), for Stichting Plan B

for two voices (soprano and mezzo-soprano), clarinet, percussion, el. guitar, violin, viola & cello (2010, 8’) text by Mustafa Stitou
First performance: Nijmegen/The Netherlands, Theater Het Badhuis, October 30th 2010, by Lunapark, for Wintertuin

Von Pferden, Gräsern, Sonnen, Menschen
for five voices: soprano, two mezzo-sopranos, tenor and baritone (2010, 9’) text by Velemir Chlebnikov
First performance: Amsterdam/The Netherlands, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, September 12th 2010, by VOCAALLAB, for Gaudeamus Muziekweek

Extremely Unfavorable for soprano (2009, 3’) text by Geshe Rabten
First performance: Nijmegen/The Netherlands, Theater Het Badhuis, October 30th 2010, by Jennifer van der Hart, for Wintertuin

for organ and two percussionists (2009, 11’)
First performance: Amsterdam/The Netherlands, Orgelpark, October 25th 2009, by Jan Hage (organ), Tatiana Koleva & Arnold Marinissen (percussion)

soundtrack (2009, 4’)
First performance: Well/The Netherlands, World Art House, August 8th 2009, for Klassiek op Locatie

soundtrack for a dance performance (2009, 9’)
First performance: Amsterdam/The Netherlands, SMART Project Space, June 2009, for a choreography by Ederso Rodriquez Xavier, for DansMakers

Kublai spreekt
for four voices: two tenors, baritone and bass (2008, 2’) text by Italo Calvino
First performance: Amsterdam/The Netherlands, Bethaniënklooster, May 10th 2009, by Arnold Marinissen and soundtrack

sechs trommeln for six percussionists (2008, 5’)
First performance: Hannover/Germany, Großer Garten Herrenhausen, August 1st 2008, by Ensemble S

for six voices (four sopranos and bass) and audience (2008, 8’)
First performance: Heiloo/The Netherlands, Willibrord-Kapel, July 17th 2008, by VOCAALLAB (conductor Romain Bischoff)

for six to twelve voices: three sopranos, three altos, three tenors, three basses, or less (2007, 8’)
First performance: Maastricht/The Netherlands, Intro In Situ, November 11th 2007, by Asko Kamerkoor (conductor Jos Leussink)

Een laatste bloem
for five voices: soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, tenor and bass (2007/10, 3’) text by Alexander Pushkin
First performance: Amsterdam/The Netherlands, Museumhaven, June 30th 2007, by Arnold Marinissen & soundtrack, for Aqua Musica Festival

De nachtegaal en de roos
for eight voices: two sopranos, alto, two tenors, three basses (2007, 3’) text by Alexander Puskhin
First performance: ‘s-Hertogenbosch/The Netherlands, Het Kruithuis, June 3rd 2007, by Arnold Marinissen & soundtrack, for Oorproeven

soundtrack for a dance performance (2006, 15’)
First performance: The Hague/The Netherlands, Korzo Theater, April 6th 2007, for a choreography by Ederson Rodriguez Xavier

Synaps, Long, Knie, Voet, Mond
for string trio (2005-6, 10’)
First performance: Amsterdam/The Netherlands, Rijksmuseum, October 26th 2007, by Prisma Strijktrio